Keyboard Updates

After weeks of what amounts to blood, sweat, and tears—not to mention millions of e-mails—things are beginning to come into focus for our 2-day international composition conference—The Keyboard in the 21st Century—at HKBU.  As the website now shows, the conference will explore the range of styles and breadth of expression that make up contemporary keyboard music, including acoustic, electro-acoustic, and intermedia works for piano, harpsichord, and synthesizer.  The composers whose music we will hear represent a dozen countries and were selected for their unique artistic voices and ability to communicate vivid sonic experiences.  Alongside these performances, we will hear directly from featured composers George Tsontakis, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, and others through lectures and roundtable discussions.  The conference will also feature a concert of works by all HKBU faculty composers, including pianist Linda Yim presenting my recent work, Inner Truth.  I’m so looking forward to welcoming my composition colleagues to Hong Kong and HKBU this April.  As we gather from around the globe, I hope the sounds and dialogue of the conference will inspire not only deep intellectual inquiry but renewed creative fire!