Parallel Lives Premiere

Last night I enjoyed the premiere of my new work, Parallel Lives, by ensemble mise-en at their venue in Brooklyn.  The performance was wonderful, and it was especially meaningful to hear my work live for the first time since the pandemic began.  

As long as I have been doing this (around 31 years since I set pencil to paper), I always encounter some doubt as to whether what I heard in my mind will succeed in the corporeal realm.  Lucky for me, I seem to have pulled it off again with the support of the excellent musicians of mise-en and their conductor, Moon Young Ha. 

Having heard the work and the reaction from some of the musicians, I am considering extending it or writing a companion piece.  It seems the Parallel Lives of the title may have just been a Parallel Life after all.  Sometimes the sounds we create leave us wanting more.  So it will be back to pencil and paper at some point soon.  And likely an eraser, too.