Eastman Lecture

Over the next week I’ll be doing a small college tour with two in-person and one virtual visit.  The first stop is Rochester, my current locale, where I am presenting my work to the students in the Composition Symposium this Thursday.  Eastman holds a special place in my heart, and my attendance at the school is one of a tiny handful of experiences that changed my life.  What an honor to meet and speak with these talented young people.  

I’ll be presenting three works included in my Albany Records portrait CD: They Say, for guitar; Inner Truth, for piano; and Sandburg Songs, for soprano and ensemble.  Looking back—and in part because of the location—I realize that all three of these works have a connection with Eastman performers.  Small world!

Before Rochester, I had the chance to visit Corning, NY and the Corning Museum of Glass, including various glassmaking demonstrations.  This is one of the most enjoyable museum experiences I’ve had in a while.  Highly recommended!