Stucky at the Library of Congress

After significant delays due to Covid, I’m on my way to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., to begin archival research on the music of my former teacher, the late Steven Stucky (1949-2016).  My work is part of a two-year funded project supported with a General Research Fund (GRF) Grant from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.  While I intend to investigate and publish on Steve’s orchestral work, in particular his orchestrational technique and what elements contribute to his style or ‘voice’, the outcome of my research depends in large part on what exactly I find at the Library.  The Steven Stucky Papers have yet to be processed (a process I know something about), meaning my work will first consist of sifting through dozens of boxes to see what I have to work with and then making a determination about what there is to say about these materials and, significantly, which of these materials might need to be shared with the world.  I have no doubt my time at the Library of Congress will be meaningful, giving me new insights into a man I first met twenty-one years ago.